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Thinking About Selling Gummy Supplements?

Educated private label merchants will often find themselves exploring the opportunities behind gummy supplements and the promising sales upside it may bring. If you’re considering jumping in on the benefits surrounding vitamin gummies, you are not alone. Gelatin and pectin gummies have climbed the ranks to become an industry staple. These candy-like vitamins provide consumers with a fun, alternative way to take their daily supplements, and their demand continues to climb.

Reaping the lucrative benefits is certainly enticing, and with gummies being an exceptionally market-viable product, online retailers across the US have their eyes on the opportunities gummy supplements can provide for their brand. But before making a financial investment, a informed seller will be mindful about two key concepts: who to partner up with, and whether the product fits their targeted demographic.

If your goal is to truly become successful in this industry, keep this in mind.

A Couple Of Factors To Consider

When considering your next product, the first key point to remember is that different supplements represent different potential opportunities.

For example, some nutritional supplements might have limited competition. Establishing your brand presence and gaining sales momentum may be easier in the beginning, but the potential sales upside may be limited as a result.

On the other hand, another supplement option may be massively popular worldwide, and the progress may be gradual, but the sales upside would be higher. Depending on your product launch strategy and chosen marketplace, these supplement options may be well worth the extra time and effort.

A third product opportunity may be what is considered an “industry staple” – they have displayed tried and true market resiliency over the years, making them a less volatile and more stable type of product to choose. Though it may not serve as the centerpiece of your product lineup, it could potentially be the perfect complementary option.

Another key factor to consider is which direction the product’s popularity seems to be trending in – does your research indicate an upward or downward trend?

Doing proper research is a vital step, but it is often overlooked by first-time private label business owners. Your brand could have a great message, ethically-sourced raw materials, and effective supplements, but without the demand, it doesn’t stand much of a chance at gaining traction. No matter how good the marketing may be, if consumers don’t see a need for it, they won’t buy it. And convincing a consumer that they need a product is a lot harder than simply already giving them what they already want.

Next, let’s examine the benefits and the business behind selling gummy supplements so that you’re able to make an educated decision on whether they will work well with your brand’s product lineup.

The Story of Gummies

Gummies first appeared on the market in the 1990’s as a kid-friendly alternative to tablets and capsules. Only in the last decade have they been seen as an alternative to traditional tablets or capsules for adults.

The first adult-focused gummies appeared in 1997, and have grown with impressive popularity in that short time frame. Today, the gummy market is seeing rapid growth, with 25% gains year-after-year in the US supplement market alone.

Benefits of Selling Gummy Supplements

Researching the market-viability of the products you choose to sell is only half the work; it’s arguably one of the most crucial, yet undermined parts of running a successful business. By looking at sales volumes and search engine popularity, you’ll receive better insight to make an informed decision.

Since each supplement will have its own market advantages and challenges, let’s examine a few market indicators in more detail. Then you can confidently determine what kind of opportunity gummy supplements represent for your brand.

Search Engine Popularity

From 2014 to 2019, the search engine term for “gummy vitamins” grew by as much as 67% in the United States and worldwide. Like most supplements, the popularity tends to dip a bit around November/December, only to spike back up in the beginning of the new year; no doubt to the renewed commitment made by many with health-related New Year’s resolutions.

The most popular related queries regarding the use of gummy vitamins are prenatal and hair supplements – this is a positive indicator of potential continued market growth as consumers seek more information on the health benefits. Year over year, gummy nutraceuticals show a continued upside as its search engine interest continues to consistently reach new heights – and with it being a more delicious and tastier alternative to “traditional” supplementation, it’s no wonder why.

Sales Volume

When we examine the sales performance of gummy supplements in the United States, there are a few top sellers who are moving an excess of a few thousand units per month. This is a positive indicator for those at the very top, but what does that mean for other gummy sellers?

When you review the remaining sales volume outside of the top few, it appears to be pretty evenly distributed across the top 10. Some of the newer sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, and Jet are showing promising sales volume in the thousands per month despite not yet having many reviews – so the opportunity to succeed is certainly there. Since the demand for gummy vitamins is so high (thanks to its candy-like taste), many merchants have jumped at the chance to score big by selling gummy supplements, making it a highly competitive market. With the right tools, proper brand positioning, and deep market research, your business could make its way toward becoming a top gummy seller over time.

One last thing to consider is that the right manufacturing partner can help provide a unique advantage from a sales perspective – we will explore this idea more deeply. In the meantime, let us consider what options are available to you when you have made the decision to move forward with your new gummy supplement.

Exclusivity – Stock vs. Custom

With Private Label Express, you have two great options to choose from depending the approach you take with your new gummy product: a white label or private label product solution. Essentially, a stock formulation or a custom formulation.

Not sure which one is right for your brand? Consider the following:

White Label (Stock) Supplements

If you’re serious about entering into the supplement industry, and it’s your first time doing so, consider the use of market-validated stock supplements first. This is best for the vast majority of novice sellers exploring a new product option.

Any type of white label gummy supplements are perfect for those who are testing the viability of this new supplement to their target audience – the minimum order quantities are lower and the turnaround time on reorders is efficient. You won’t need to order as much as you will with a custom formulation. Stock formulations provide flexibility and will leave you better prepared financially for any surprises that may occur within the course of your new product campaign. This extra flexibility can be invaluable to your new gummy product’s continued supply chain stability.

Our white label gummy formulations have been market-tested for years and come in a variety of concentrations, fill counts, and formulaic varieties. This gives you and your brand some options that can differentiate your brand.

Private Label (Custom) Supplement Options

Everyone wants to be original, to have something that sets their brand apart from the others and gives them a competitive advantage. For an experienced merchant that wants to bring a unique supplement formulation to this ever-growing market, private labeling is the route to take.

Private labeling is similar to white labeling, except it’s your own custom formula – and no other company will be able to duplicate it. When creating a viable custom formulation, there are a number of factors to consider. It takes collaborative communication and teamwork to reach a formulation that works both functionally and financially for everyone involved. Private label (or custom formulations) will require a higher minimum order quantity and a longer reorder turnaround time than a white label formulation. Proper planning and a certain experience level is recommended before taking this route. It will be crucial to your product’s continued success to make sure you partner with a manufacturer that you trust. One that is responsive to your communications, and can consistently deliver on time. Custom formulations can be difficult. Even with the right idea in mind, you could mistakenly mix supplements that have conflicting ingredients or omit certain key raw materials that can compromise the supplement’s effectiveness. The right manufacturing company will not only assist you in producing these formulations, but they’ll also provide direction that allows your formulation to reach its full potential.

One important word of caution that applies to both custom and stock products – if your primary focus is finding the lowest priced product, you can run into some serious issues. Unfortunately, many manufacturers subtly compromise the ingredient concentrations to essentially create a “watered-down” version of your formulation without your knowledge or consent. They may do this just to hit a target price point you requested. If you are selling your supplements on a third-party marketplace like Amazon, your customers may discover this quality compromise before you do, leading to serious and costly complications. Do you trust your supplier?

What Gummies are Used for?

When taken as a nutritional supplement, gummies containing essential vitamins and minerals have many potential health benefits. When gelatin and pectin gummies first hit the market in the late 90’s, they were geared toward appealing to children; especially those that struggled with taking capsules that often tasted like cardboard.

Now there’s a universal interest in vitamin gummies due to the ease of ingestion, making them appealing to families with kids and anyone who wants to enjoy taking supplements.

Do Gummy Supplements Really Work?

It’s wise to question if gummy supplements actually work because it gives you the opportunity to research the product you are considering for your investment. First, you need to understand what purpose people are taking them for, how effective they are (when following proper usage), and what your desired price point will be. Being customer-centric is an important part of any business. If you’re considering a gummy-based product to compliment your line, then the factors will make a considerable difference in the satisfaction of your customers, and the success of your brand.

Keep in mind: dietary supplements are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Though nutraceuticals can be used to support healthy immune systems (among other uses), they are different from pharmaceuticals. With nutraceuticals, they’re natural and work with your body’s chemistry to produce desired effects over time. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are synthetically created to hack your body’s chemistry for a more immediate and dramatic effect.

Understanding what sets them apart is important if you want to have success selling supplements that truly deliver the beneficial properties they claim to provide.

It’s important to note that the health benefits of adding vitamins and minerals through supplementation it something that is gradually observed overtime when customers take them consistently. Since there seems to be a bit of a misconception regarding the effectiveness of nutraceuticals, it’s important to research reputable clinical studies that are up to date.

Since vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t synthetically made in a lab, there are a few things that can affect the results of these natural substances. For starters, diet choices are closely linked to the result of their benefits. If someone consumes copious amounts of salty and high-fat foods, then taking a supplement to help regulate their blood pressure won’t outweigh the damaging effects resulting from their poor dietary choices.

Low concentration levels of the active ingredients is another factor that can inhibit the effectiveness of your products – Failing to ensure that your supplements have the proper ingredients to help them work effectively will negatively affect your brand. Poor bioavailability is another complication. For example, those with faster metabolisms might flush out a vitamin quicker than the body can absorb it . This point leads back to considering the quality of ingredients in the supplement. Therefore, when formulating vitamins, it’s important to note which materials support the supplement’s bioavailability, which increases the body’s ability take in the positive effects.

This brings us to your target per-bottle-cost, which is contingent upon the quality of your supplement, and whether it will truly perform as promised. Skimping out on materials and not being discerning enough about what goes into your product is short-sighted. The best defense against a customer’s fast metabolism or poor dieting choices is a supplement product that is effective because of it’s high quality. Prioritizing quality and value on behalf of your future customers will gain more loyalty, (and long-term success) than rock-bottom pricing.

Before deciding on whether gummy supplements are right for your brand, ask yourself and your manufacturing partner an important question: what factors make the best quality gummy vitamin? Without a knowledgeable and transparent manufacturer, you could find yourself with a shipment of diluted and compromised supplements that won’t gain repeat business.

What Ingredients to Look out for.

Novice sellers often make the mistake of underestimating the importance of quality regarding the ingredients their manufacturer uses. A successful supplement merchant needs to sharpen their expertise on these matters to ensure customer satisfaction and preserve their loyalty.

Because manufacturing gummies is an intricate process, most companies will under-deliver when it comes to the concentration and balance of vitamins and nutrients. Some manufacturers include copious amounts of food coloring, additives, and sugar, while others are far more scrupulous of how they craft their gummy supplements. A transparent manufacturer should disclose this information and provide insight about how any additives they use affect the customer’s satisfaction and demand for the product. Ultimately, you are looking for a manufacturer that will educate you on the “best practices” when it comes to creating and producing them.

One upside to selling gummies is that they aren’t just made with animal-based gelatin products. If you’re a merchant who’s conscious of your vegan and vegetarian customer base, then pectin gummies are a great alternative to gelatin. Another upside to pectin is that the melting temperatures are higher, so you would run less of a risk of them melting while in transit. If you’re thoughtful and cautious when selecting the materials used to create your gummy supplements, you’ll build trust with your customer-base. In today’s technology driven age, anything can be researched with the click of a button and a few finger swipes, and savvy consumers are empowered by access to supplement data. With the right manufacturing partner, you can provide them with everything they desire in a gummy, without compromise. So why not work with a competent manufacturer who cares about your products and the long-term success of your brand?

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Will it Work for Your Demographic?

The worst mistake any seller can make is catering to a demographic that doesn’t suit their brand. If you’re a merchant whose primary customer base is people in their 60’s, then selling a line of prenatal care wouldn’t make much sense. The demand just isn’t there.

That’s why understanding your demographic is an essential part of doing well in any industry. You have to know what will drive consumers to choose your product or service. Dietary supplements are no different; before purchasing large amounts of the “next best thing”, it is wise to allow your consumer’s behavior trends to dictate your purchase decisions. When you examine the information your demographic displays, you can more accurately determine whether or not your product will gain customers and sales.

If you’re deliberating about whether or not a gummy supplement works for your brand, ask your manufacturing partner. It’s crucial to team up with a company that’s experienced with creating supplements. They should offer insight on how to position your product in a way that resonates with your audience. Make sure you select a manufacturer that’s conscious of your brand’s customer base , and will give you an informed perspective when considering the investment of gummy nutraceuticals.

How to Find a Trustworthy Gummy Manufacturer

Inexperienced and uneducated retailers may not fully grasp the sheer importance of partnering with a manufacturer that will help to accelerate their growth, instead of hurting it. On the other hand, wise and successful sellers are diligent about understanding the scope of their manufacturer’s credentials and values. When searching for a company that will manufacture your brand’s supplements, make sure to choose one that shares the same vision for growing your brand. Why? Because it makes the business partnership run more seamlessly while also becoming more lucrative. Any successful merchant will endorse the wisdom of this business philosophy: the people you choose to do business with can either make or break your brand.

The task of sourcing a manufacturer that will accelerate your brand is simple. Here are three factors that make up the ideal manufacturing company:

  1. Quality – The quality of their materials, the factory, and even their research speaks volumes about the integrity of their business. Unfortunately, there are very few companies out there that will completely disclose their ingredients and procedures. Some will even mislead you about the quality for the sake of low costs. Asking them where they source raw materials, how supplements are made, and what methods of analysis they provide, will assist you in to discerning their overall quality score. Plus, make sure to ask them about third party testing; a company that’s wary about having their supplements checked by a seller is not a sign of transparency.
  2. Reliability – Other than having top-notch products, reliability is a must. When doing business, you want to know that you can trust the company that’s manufacturing your supplements. If they fail to deliver on time, your sales could certainly suffer. Consumers today have shorter attention spans, (thanks to smartphones and apps,) so if they can’t reliable access to your product, they’ll seek it elsewhere – with a competitor whose manufacturer was on time with shipments and orders.
  3. Expertise – Even the most inexperienced manufacturer can follow basic orders; most will carry out your request without question.( However, is that really what is in your best interest?) When it comes to supplements, formulations matter. The chemistry behind creating viable, effective, and quality nutraceuticals should be handled by professionals who understand the nature of the supplements’ ingredients. But it’s not just knowledge in what goes into the products themselves, it’s the analytical work they put into the market research that really helps your brand stay on top. Without proper understanding of the market and sales trajectories, a merchant could be left under the guise of a mal-informed and greedy manufacturing company.

Knowledge is power, and finding the right partner can be incredibly beneficial to your brand. Taking the time to research and evaluate the company that will produce and formulate the supplements you’ll sell is crucial. When it comes to gummies, ingredients do matter. And what’s equally important is how well they are made. Since gummy supplements have been high in demand, a reliable manufacturer is like striking gold; you wouldn’t want to let your customers down because the products didn’t arrive when promised, or didn’t measure up to the quality they expected.

What Could Happen if you Enter the Wrong Partnership

With your brand’s reputation on the line, it’s vital to do business with a reputable, accountable and responsive manufacturer. Of course, some setbacks out of your control and are part of the nature of business. However, the wrong partner can effectively derail much of your progress if the issue is something as huge as a missed delivery date or a defective shipment of premium products.

Let’s use a scenario: it’s the new year, weight loss supplements are flying off the shelves, but because your manufacturer: 1) doesn’t have enough stock, or 2) didn’t deliver on time, your supply has run dry and you now need to spend more to regain the momentum. Now you now have extra costs to make up for what you lost – and it wasn’t even your fault.

That’s why professional business partnerships matter, especially when your money is on the line. When searching for a manufacturer to help your brand grow, making an informed decision is crucial. Here at Private Label Express, we are conscious of the hard work you put into the success of your brand, and strive to deliver nothing but the best service, advice, and supplements.

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